Russian winter in Russia / January 16 / 17:47

Today's morning was so sunny and bright that I couldn't help going outside with this cigarette-pack-sized Canon Digital IXUS 40 and walking in the forest. It was snowing the whole evening the day before. And as the temperature was around 0 degrees centigrade the sleet stayed on the branches and today's cool morning froze it where it was, that is on every single branch of a tree, even the smallest one.

Unfortunately, I had time to take only 2 pictures. The transparent clouds seen on the second picture turned into the opaque, absolutely grey overcast a minute after the photo was taken.

The pictures were resized to accommodate the 1280x960 resolution.

Russian winter forest, 605KB Russian winter forest, 627KB

The entry is called “Russian winter in Russia” so those staying in London at the moment wouldn't think the photos were taken in London.

The “Russian Winter” festival was presented yesterday at the Trafalgar Square. More than 500 Russian musicians of various genres, including folklore and rock music, played live under the Nelson's Column. And Russian figure skaters were delivering a masterclass for those interested elsewhere.

Going 2005 / January 8 / 14:07

The beginning of 2005 has seen this site's design minor facelift. And though much more important things concerning the site's content are awaiting to be performed (the significant sections like 'Contacts' and 'Portfolio' are yet to be created) I couldn't resist the urge to refresh at least some of the elements on the page.

The design grid stays the same. The main menu in the top right corner is a bit more styled than before. And the header font migrated from the smooth old Georgia to the sloppy and brilliantly serifed Englishgothic, which is a good contrast to the overall geometrical accuracy of the design.

The header now features an original photo taken by my 11 y.o. niece Christine, who spends a lot of time trying to capture various life moments with a tiny Canon Digital IXUS 40. The bird is a titmouse (or tomtit) which is widespread in Russia, but probably is not that famous in other places.

I've also given up the idea of having two alternative styles with lowercase typography as the default and the capitalized text as the alternative. The approach is still can be seen on the previous page(s) and in the Colophon section (today's version which will be replaced pretty soon).

There's one more feature on the site which still stays untouched. If you increase the font size in any browser (except Opera) you'll be able to see “the bigger picture” of the header. I'm not sure whether this feature makes any sense, though.

Well, it's high time I cut off the untimely verbosity of mine and started adding new content to the site :)


Hippy New Yeah!

The annoying leap year is over. Happy New Year!

Golden Bee 6

Almost everything you wanted to know about Moscow International Biennale of Graphic Design.

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