Bank offers credit for artificial insemination.

Often a child is part of a couple’s real happiness. Starting a family is a very special wish for many, but it is not always fulfilled. What remains is an artificial insemination in order to fulfill the desire to have children. But such treatment costs money and the health insurance companies only pay about a 50% subsidy. The own contribution that a couple then has to bear cannot be paid from the current budget, one decides to take out a loan for artificial insemination.

The location and the outlook

The location and the outlook


Statutory health insurance companies pay three attempts, but do not pay any additional costs if the interventions are unsuccessful. However, if the couple would like to continue trying to have a child, the cost of the artificial insemination loan must be paid for. However, the couple should already know that the further treatments are not cheap. If the couple qualifies for a loan, the bank will also approve an IVF loan.

If the couple should know that health insurance companies will undertake three attempts, they must be married. If there is no question, the costs must be borne alone. Many couples are considering going to the house bank with the loan request. But there is a danger that the reason for the loan will be asked. Of course, not everyone wants to entrust artificial insemination to a stranger. To get this done immediately, there are loans from direct banks or online banks.

There, the couple can practically take up an anonymous loan for artificial insemination. If an installment loan is considered, it does not have to be earmarked, but can be used freely. Before deciding on a bank, a loan comparison should be made. This is also easy and free on the Internet. After entering the loan amount, the term and the possible installments, the couple can see all providers at a glance.

The loan application can be made directly via the loan comparison and an immediate non-binding loan approval is made based on the data entered in the application form. Then the loan application is sent, which has to be signed. The further way is that the necessary credit documents such as pay slips from the last three months and the account statements from the same period are sent by post,

The Postident procedure is then carried out at Swiss Post. This is a personal identification based on a valid ID card. This certificate with the creditworthiness documents goes back to the bank. The final loan approval is then given after checking the documents after a few days and with it the instruction of the money.

This quick credit for artificial insemination is only possible because many of these banks use an automated verification process. If the customer meets the conditions of the bank, the loan is approved. However, if only one of the three approval criteria is missing, the loan application falls outside the bank’s grid. The bank has the strictest requirements from which it does not deviate. With a house bank, a reason for rejection would be the bad Credit Bureau.

But if you have a personal conversation with a bank employee, the negative entry could be explained and invalidated. If it is a soft feature like a forgotten and unpaid bill, the house bank could agree to the artificial insemination loan. If the couple’s economic situation is correct and no other payment problems have been observed, the loan will probably also be approved.

The conditions

The conditions


The conditions that banks require for an artificial insemination loan are the same as for all other loans. A sufficiently high income that is above the garnishment-free limit must be demonstrated. The pair would have to earn at least 1,600 USD net so that a attachable portion is available. The attachable portion is then 80.00 USD. The Credit Bureau must be unencumbered, ie it must not have any negative entries. A permanent position is also required.

When it comes to artificial insemination loans, the bank can usually assume two incomes. Most of the time, the two partners work full-time, which of course is sufficient credit protection for the bank. However, this can change after the birth of a child. But this situation remains outside. However, the couple should know the amount of the loan so that the loan can also be applied for. The health insurance company takes on three attempts, the rest is reserved for the couple.

It is advisable that the loan amount is not under-calculated. You can’t make these attempts forever, but the loan should be adjusted accordingly. It would also be important to determine in advance how many attempts you would like to try.

When it comes to artificial insemination credit, the focus should not only be on the interest rate. A cheap loan is also characterized by special repayments and one or two installments. If special repayments are noted in the loan agreement, the loan can be redeemed early without the bank being able to calculate a prepayment penalty.

Credit planning

Credit planning


Before applying for a loan, you should find out whether a loan fits into the monthly budget at all. The couple can find out with a budget. There all income and expenditure are compared. If there is financial scope, it could be used in part for a rate. Financial experts advise not to use the financial scope entirely for one rate. One speaks of a third, the rest should be put aside.

Especially when planning a child, the couple face unexpected costs that could then be met with the financial buffer. The thought should also go there, a child comes, a partner probably takes parental leave and often stays home afterwards to raise the child. Of course, some income is lost. Therefore, you should always choose a loan installment that remains affordable if the financial situation changes.

Just think of unemployment, which is often unexpected today. The consequence of the wages will be considerably lower. However, what no one hopes, of course, a serious illness can occur, followed by long sickness benefits. Even then, the income will be lower. The couple should also know that the longer the term of a loan, the lower the rates. The shorter the term, the higher the rates. If the couple has an excellent income, they could opt for the second option and the loan would then be paid off faster.