Andrei Smirnov. A self-educated web-designer and XHTML+CSS developer with some 3 years' experience in web-design and some 5 years' freelance experience in graphic design—print and logo.

The author currently works as a web-designer and developer for Vested Development, Inc. (Moscow office). And never loses opportunity to perform various freelance web-projects, meaning they are interesting enough.

He hates table tags and is happy to have clear and comfortable instruments for coding his graphic drafts. Yep, talking XHTML and CSS of course!

He is also mentioned at Stopdesign as a person who performed Russian translation of the famous “Sliding Doors of CSS” article (part I and II).


One more personal space devoted to modern web (XHTML+CSS) and graphic design with regular covering of more or less important events from the author's accompanying life. Besides some additional sections, (which are still being created), there are two blogs here: id-as.com (international version) and ru.id-as.com (Russian version).

The Russian version was permanently transferred to ru.id-as.com in August, 2004 to provide some space for the English language here. Before that it successfully functioned for almost a year (since September, 2003) at the main domain.

You might think that the Russian id-as is simply the translation of the English id-as, or vice versa, but this is not the case. These two differ in topics discussed as well as in the regularity of new entries appearing. Well, it may sound funny, but for this author some things sound better in English though others seem to be more applicable to Russian.


Why ever not? If only one language is not enough to fully express one's knowledge and other mental stuff (see the last sentence in the previous paragraph) then one should use two (or even more) languages. Or shouldn't he?

Simple as it may sound, that's not so simple in real life. As the author's English still leaves much to be desired. Hopefully, there'll be no misunderstanding or misinterpretation here. At least the author will try to avoid being obscure.


Well. If you're interested in putting your own comments here, you'll have to wait a bit. The CMS (Textpattern) is already chosen. But the lack of free time prevents the author from incorporating the site into it. It'll happen pretty soon, though. Meanwhile you may use your mail client to send the author an email.

Finally. Currently there's some chaos in content organization at id-as.com. Which will be gradually reduced… well, to zero. (Chaos, not content :)