Where to find cheap non-bank loans?

Wondering where to take an online loan? Of course, where you pay the least. Just what to look for when browsing non-bank companies and how to calculate the cost of the loan? You’ll find the answer later in the article. Check if you know all the ways to get a cheap loan.

Cheap non-bank loans – what are their characteristics? Cheap non-bank installment loans – is it possible? Cheap loans – how to calculate their cost? Are cheap loans the best? The cheapest loan – what to look for? Where to find the cheapest non-bank loans?

Some do not want to, and others for various reasons can not take a loan from the bank. Cheap non-bank loans are the solution for such people. Fast online loans are becoming more and more popular.

Minimal formalities, low costs and short waiting time for money – these are not the only benefits that non-bank loans bring.

Cheap non-bank loans – what are their characteristics?

Cheap non-bank loans - what are their characteristics?

A comprehensive approach should be taken to choosing the best loan. A person comparing cheap non-bank loans should become familiar with the specifics of such loans, i.e. pay attention to their individual components that make up the total cost of the loan.

The most important parameter is the amount of the loan and another equally important time for which we draw the commitment. Both of them shape all costs borne by the borrower for taking out the loan. So what are the characteristics of cheap loans?

Low amount

The standard amount for which you can get a cheap loan is 3,000 USD. However, there are loan companies on the market that offer much more, even USD 6,000. It can, therefore, be assumed that most often cheap loans are granted in the range of USD 100-6000. The offers of non-bank institutions rarely contain larger loans.

Short time

Cheap short-term loans are granted for 15, 30 or 60 days. Each company individually sets the loan repayment period, which is why you can often face certain restrictions. For example, borrowers who borrow money for the first time can only benefit from a 30-day repayment period.


To get a cheap loan it is necessary to meet all formal requirements, but there are not many of them. It is usually enough to have Polish citizenship, over 18 (for some loan companies, 21) and have your own bank account.

Cheap non-bank installment loans – is it possible?

Cheap non-bank installment loans - is it possible?

The popularity of non-bank loans is growing from year to year, and the number of loan companies is also growing. Due to high competitiveness, companies try to fight for a potential borrower in various ways, e.g. by offering attractive loans with relatively low costs.

Lenders also often use special promotions for new customers. That is why cheap, non-bank installment loans are absolutely possible. It is worth being aware, however, that the cheapest non-bank installment loans are usually intended for reliable customers who can boast of unquestionable credit history.

Cheap loans – how to calculate their cost?

The total cost of the loan consists of several factors. These include interest, commission, insurance and additional fees. Therefore, to calculate the total cost of the loan, you must add together all fees resulting from taking out the loan, including those for using additional services.

A cheap non-bank loan has not the lowest interest rate but the lowest APRC (Actual Annual Interest Rate), which includes all the costs listed.

In practice, the cheapest non-bank loans are those taken entirely over the internet. There are no additional fees for taking an online loan. However, if, for example, you decide to take a loan with a money delivery home, you will be charged additional costs.

Are cheap loans the best?

Are cheap loans the best?

The APRC indicator informs us about the total cost of the loan. However, we must be aware that the loan period affects the APRC, so when looking for the cheapest offer, you cannot focus only on the APRC itself.

It is most reasonable to put together offers of different loan companies with the same amount and repayment period and compare individual costs. Then we will have black and white, which offer is the cheapest.

The cheapest loan is not always the best loan. Let us remember that the payday pay offer must be tailored to our needs and financial capabilities. The loan repayment schedule also influences the profitability of the loan. The best loan for us will be one that does not burden our budget too much, and paying it back on time will not cause any problem for us.

The cheapest loan – what to look for?

One of the most important elements to which attention should be paid is the abovementioned APRC. This indicator informs us about the costs that we will incur when we decide to take out a loan. An APRC of 0% tells us that the loan is completely free. New customers can usually count on this offer.

When reviewing the offers of non-bank companies, you need to pay special attention to costs, but not only. For people who care about time, the waiting time for the transfer will also be important.

Those who anticipate problems with paying off the loan should also find out if any possible repayment delay is an option. It is best to read the regulations of the selected loan company, where you will find answers to all the questions bothering us, e.g. what are the consequences of non-repayment of the loan.

Where to find the cheapest non-bank loans?

Where to find the cheapest non-bank loans?

At present, virtually everyone’s loans are at your fingertips, even those in debt or those whose applications for a cash loan were rejected by the bank. The only question is where to look for cheap loans? The current ranking of non-bank loans may be helpful.

All you have to do is set parameters such as the loan amount and repayment period, and you will see a transparent list of the cheapest installment loans on the market. These types of rankings are constantly updated, so by browsing the search results, you can be sure of their authenticity.